The Advantages of Living and Working in Liverpool UK


The Advantages of Living and Working in Liverpool UK have vastly increased over the last five years. Liverpool City Centre is a thriving metropolis of culture, architecture and commercial expansion. Liverpool has certainly come a long way since its early days of ‘Beatle’ mania and has without a doubt become a widely recognised city for re-development, particularly looking at it from a retail and corporate prospective.

It’s important to really get to know Liverpool and understand how proud Liverpudlian’s are of their British heritage, especially if you’re planning on moving here to live or work. We all want to fit in and make the most of our lives, filling our daily routine with work, play and relaxation… and Liverpool is the perfect location to have the best of both worlds. Since its’ capital of culture back in 2008, Liverpool has definitely taken centre stage on the UK map, with architectural developments and cultural events attracting millions of tourists each year.

Liverpool’s population can only continue to grow with the number of people who are choosing to live and work here. If you go anywhere in this vibrant part of the UK you will notice an array of clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and theatres… even the apartments and office spaces are luxurious these days making the list of positive reasons to move here endless.

Whilst reputable buildings like the Liver building, St. George’s Hall and the Liverpool Empire Theatre have remained virtually untouched, the city has also seen major structural changes which have added to the city’s success from both a commercial and tourism stand point. For example, when you arrive into Lime Street station you only have to look around you to see the improvements here. Rail connections are crucial for helping business men and women to stay ahead of their game and it’s no surprise that Liverpool has one of the leading metro lines in the country either. Those only looking to commute and not live here can enjoy the city life equally as much as people who live here.

Which brings us to our next point, the world of corporate business. We’ve all seen the streets of central Liverpool in the mornings… rush hour brings the smartly dressed business elite together and so it’s only right that they have somewhere up-market to conduct their business activity. This is where the importance of choosing state of the art office accommodation comes in. We’ve all heard the saying ‘start as you mean to go on’ and taking pride in your business premises and where you choose to hold your meetings is no exception to this rule. Take a look at our range of office services located in the heart of Liverpool, both of which are located close to transport links, banks and shops to make your working environment the best it can be. Choose from our contemporary office spaces located on 20 Chapel Street or alternatively, you could go for a more traditional aesthetic in the Il Palazzo building located on Water Street.