Manchester: Business Capital of the North-West


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Manchester’s economy is among the best in the UK. With a current population of over 2 million people all trying to make their mark in this urban city of lights, the success of the Greater Manchester County only continues to soar.

The fact that this impressive city is the second most visited city outside of London by foreigners proves just how fast paced and innovative the place is. Known for its vibrant music scene, attractive architecture, exceptional transport links and all-round creative hub, Manchester really has done well for itself over the decades.

The city centre in particular is one of the most successful places to live and work and thrives on its multi-cultural society. The central business district is Spinningfields with new developments like 125 Deansgate – this part of the city is highly sought after in terms of people looking to secure jobs and apartments here…. and who could blame them? Spinningfields is considered the luxurious area of Manchester and is one of the city’s most recent urbanized complexes. With a large cluster of designer boutiques located along The Avenue, an outdoor cinema and an impressive selection of archaic red-brick buildings, it’s no wonder Spinningfields is so successful.

However it’s not just the retail market that is booming here, the scope for business is constantly expanding. Spacious office complexes are always being redeveloped and location-wise, Manchester has all of the amenities needed to conduct successful business. Whether you’re in the law field, the marketing racket or the hotel industry, these days your business premises say so much about you which is why it is important to choose the right building.

At Yses we are aware that great location plays a huge part in being able to get the most out of your business and that’s why we have put time and effort into choosing office spaces that will really work to your advantage. St. James’s Court located on Brown Street in central Manchester is just 5 minutes away from Piccadilly train station making it a convenient choice to do business in. This red brick building is spacious and comes equipped with essential amenities like meeting, training and conferencing rooms so you will have all of the facilities you need.

We also have accommodation situated on 23 New Mount Street which is centrally located in the M4 postcode. This office suite is stylish and has very low overheads so you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of your budget.

Both of these office facilities are unique in their own way but will guarantee you a stable environment in which to conduct your day to day business operations.