Liverpool Serviced Office Space Improves Business


The Liverpool city region is becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing economies, and according to the British Government figures have improved significantly since 2011. An informative article from the Liverpool Daily Post supports this statement and says the reason behind this regional increase in economy relates to higher output across various sectors. Any start-up business owner will likely understand that the future success of their company lies heavily on location. Choosing a city centre location like Liverpool which is close to amenities, transport and other business connections is crucial for the development of a company and can also determine how long you stay in business for.

Another key point worth mentioning is the type of accommodation you as a business owner decide to rent or buy in the initial stages. When you’re first setting up a new business, renting is advisable as short-term leases can always be extended. Whereas if you commit to buying business accommodation up front, this option can be much less economically viable for start-up companies. Liverpool serviced office space works well for the likes of claims companies, marketing agencies and law firms while empty retail outlets are highly suited to shops and cafes. So the type of premises you go for will likely determine the future success of your business or brand and it’s always better to shop around first. With convenient, local travel links including Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central station only a few minutes walk away, as well as thriving city centre shops situated close by, at Yses we have 2 office locations situated in the centre of this prestigious city.

Liverpool Serviced Office Space

20 Chapel Street is the ideal location to base a business from as this particular building is right in the heart of Liverpool’s business district, making it accessible on so many levels. We offer Liverpool serviced office space that is contemporary and trendy at competitive prices which are perfect for those businesses just starting out.

Liverpool Serviced Office Space

Additionally, Il Palazzo is located on Water Street and is another popular choice among the business elite. This building has a superb network of companies dotted around it as well as James Street station for daily commuters on a tight schedule. The features in the Il Palazzo office space include an intelligent lighting system fitted to each room which not only reacts to ambient light levels, but is also motion-activated. We also guarantee that Il Palazzo’s communication and security technology is of the very latest specification. Our Liverpool serviced office space will help you to reap the rewards and get the most out of your business.


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