Benefits of Serviced Offices Wolverhampton


Over the past 5 years Wolverhampton has constantly been improving its own economy with the goal to put West Midlands-based businesses back on track. It can be difficult for local and smaller businesses to make a dent in the economy, what with the UK’s recession struggling the way it has been. That being said, 2014 is set to bring great things for businesses across Wolverhampton, Walsall, Willenhall and of course, central Birmingham. According to this informative article, April will see the grand opening of the long awaited runway extension at Birmingham Airport. Consequently, this project will attract new airlines and provide the capability of being able to fly directly to the Far East and the West Coast of the USA. This is just one of the major business improvements that will be happening this year in the West Midlands.

Law firms across the region are also seeing vast financial improvements. The Brierley Hill-based law firm Higgs & Sons enjoyed a successful 2013 and now enters into 2014 as one of the strongest private client practices outside of the London area. Businesses like law practices, insurance companies and airports need to maintain their positive results, and by exploring the different options of serviced offices Wolverhampton available to them, they can do just that.

Take West Midlands House as a primary example. Location-wise, it is only 6 miles from popular business areas like Wolverhampton and Willenhall – all the more reason to want to live and work within the West Midlands region. So say you needed to organize some office space for a day of meetings or training, the serviced offices Wolverhampton that Yses can offer would prove to be a valuable asset. West Midlands House used to be an old lock factory and therefore looks professional aesthetically. It also has many other key factors which contribute towards the overall convenience of this particular office accommodation option.

With free parking, an on-site café and a children’s nursery being just some of its perks, it’s no wonder businesses from all walks of life are choosing serviced offices Wolverhampton as their first choice for a business base.


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